Thursday, December 15, 2011


I got to thinking about the Ten Commandments and if as a society we were following them or ignoring them. Actually, there is no real way of proving my theory without a lot of folks and people asking questions and all that research stuff. Consequently, I just will do my off the cuff usual what I think from what I notice in everyday life.

Let's start from the number one position.
1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Okay now you have to wonder what that means exactly. For instance if you mean statues and the like I think we are doing well there I don't see folks worshiping idols. However, if you're talking something like the old mighty dollar then we got problems; I think a lot of folks definitely worship that dollar bill. 2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything. I think this one goes to our material gain and how worship our vehicles, cell phones, houses etc. Some of us can't be without these things at anytime. So, we pretty much get an d minus on that one.

Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain. I believe we have actually improved on this one. I very seldom hear the old G…D…. in private and never in public.

4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Well, we can forget about this one almost universally, I can't think of a person I know who actually does the full day of keeping the Sabbath holy. 5. Honor thy father and thy mother:
This one is so personal that It would be hard to tell if we are doing good or bad. I think that all of us at one time or another have failed to honor our parents but, from what I have observed we generally do a pretty good job. 6. Thou shalt not kill. I think you all can figure this one out on your own. 7.
shalt not commit adultery.
Again, I don't believe that we have to go far to figure this one out. I would be willing to bet that this one is pretty high up on the broken commandments hit list. 8. Thou shalt not steal. From the number of people in jail I will say we get an "F". 9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. This is the one I always thought was thou shalt not lie. Seems it means you shouldn't lie about your neighbor. I think we do pretty well on this one I don't believe we do a lot of lying on each other in normal society. Where lots of money is involved and the chance to step on someone's face to get ahead I believe lying on each other probably goes on quite a bit. 10.

Thou shalt not covet. Another hard to judge commandment due to the fact this one is real personal and unless you let the cat out of the bag and say something like "I wish I had bill's house" then who will know? (Except god of course).

Just something that had crossed my mind at this time of year. I wonder if god has everyone in to the conference room and has a year in review.





Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can't believe this

Recently, my friend Harris was relating his latest work screw up.  Harris has been at his current position for about four months.  During this period his probation was extended because one of the customers he sees stated he was” less than helpful”.  Consequently, he was able to repair that problem only to have a new problem rear up and bite him in the butt.  Seemingly, Harris was talking with the folks at another office and the conversation centered on parties and drinking and Harris related that he was a vodka drinker.  During another meeting with his boss the issue of his drinking and his liking vodka came up.  REALLY, are you kidding me!  Does this really happen?  Because I have never heard of such a thing, a simple conversation which was I believe started by the folks in the office he was visiting and now it has come back to extend his probation another thirty days.  Harris asked me what he should do and I don’t have a clue on his next move.  So, I am asking YOU on what he should do.  What should Harris do about this problem he has with his job?  Quitting is not an option, shooting someone is not an option either.  So, if you please what should Harris do?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just the begining

Occupy movement  reminds me of another protest that started small and made a lot of people sit up and take notice.  I remember how they were chased and beat up, arrested and harassed everywhere they set up camp.  For those of you to young to  have any idea of what I am talking  about, it was the anti war movement during the sixties.  Those folks stopped a war and help bring down a president.  I do not remember who said this or something like it.  Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

Monday, November 14, 2011

Perception and reality

Recently, my boss said to me that people's perception is our reality. I was taken aback pondering the implications of that statement and how the words were and are so far reaching. Currently, Herman Cain is in serious sewage over his perception as a sexual harassment specialist and whether or not it's true makes little difference in the end. I suspect his perception will eventually end his bid for the republican nomination for president. Again, the people's perception is his reality however, misconstrued or not perception will be his undoing.

Sometimes you can change people's perception and change your reality. However, that's a tough row to hoe and there will be many who will never change their mind. Many celebrities' have had this problem probably more than most but, some have changed their perception in the world eye Rob Lowe, Bill Clinton, and Robert Downey Jr to name a few notables.

The best way to go is to never let yourself get into a place where you and your reputation can be sullied. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure still works in my perception

Park update

Last summer many of you may remember I had a blog post about the garbage I found in the metro parks specifically the Days Dam area. I went back a short time ago and surveyed the area and I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the huge mound of garbage is gone and there are just a few bags where the mound once stood also, it looks like the neighbors have not dumped any new garbage in the areas I walked through.
The engine block is still there I marveled that some of the spark plugs were still intact. Several shopping carts still litter the area and of course the ever present automobile tire and they seem to have multiplied in one area. Although the images show the garbage the overall look of the area is improved and looks more like a park should look. More work needs to be done of course and to some extent mother nature will take care of some of the garbage just form the normal breakdown over time.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Don’t wait

Seems that many Americans are waiting for the government to do something and get them out of this economical melt down. Maybe, you shouldn't wait for someone else to help and waiting for this congress to do anything other than argue and bicker is a non starter. Consequently, I would guess that most of you have some skill something you like to do as a hobby or enjoy that might be marketable to some of your neighbors. Remember, this was how we started this country everybody had some type of skill that their friends and neighbors could use and pay for. I think at this point we all may to have make our own work our own source of income. Waiting on the local, state or federal government to help us is just not going to happen….not in this lifetime.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

View from under the bus.

Ever been thrown under the bus? For those of you who are not familiar with the term it means that someone has trashed you in some fashion. Generally, what happens is someone you know a friend or co worker runs to your boss or another friend and puts you in a bad light. Many times this is done to take the heat off of the trasher and putting the heat on you the trashed. I have no idea the motivations of those folks who like to throw people under the bus. I know they fail to think it through because it some instances being thrown under the bus means loss of a job, a friend, a relative or all the above.

I thought this kind of thing went out with the move from middle school to high school. However, I was incorrect it would seem that the tossing of folks under the bus is alive and well in all aspects of adult society. Maybe, this kind of behavior never really leaves some people who enjoy seeing another human being raked over the coals or worse lose their job. Make no mistake these folks take no guilt in the misfortune of others and the havoc they cause simply because they justify their actions with" you deserved it"!

Consequently, the next time you find yourself being chewed out by your boss or your significant other and you asked where did you get this information? And you find out someone you know has informed on you…….welcome to greasy side of the bus!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


When you're out driving through the neighborhood notice how many of your neighbors actually use their garages to store their vehicles. Many of you use the garage as a storage facility for all your stuff. The stuff you accumulate over the years and don't ever throw away. I can hear my dad voice now telling my mother that all of his junk consists of things we might need at some point. I myself have fallen prey to the same disease that makes you hold on to all that junk because you just might need it. The only problem with that theory is when you die someone has to come in and clean it up by way of giving it away or having an estate sale and of course hanging on to some of the good stuff themselves as they might need it at some point. Consequently, the item that is more valuable than all of that other stuff your car or truck sits out in the weather and takes a beating while that can of rusty nails sits high and dry. Now, why is that?

Friday, September 30, 2011

See One, Do One, Teach One

When I joined Metro Life Flight I had a degree in nursing (Associate) and about ten years of experience in emergency nursing. Two months later I was expected to operate in the same capacity as my physician counterpart. Essentially, I had to be able to do everything he or she could do. Meaning I had to be able to do several surgical procedures as well as handle complex medical cases that should come down the pike. Moreover, when push came to shove the flight nurses had the final say in everything. Additionally, we were backed up on all our decisions by the chief of surgery the second most powerful physician in the hospital. Consequently, when we had an idea and or a problem we had an ear who listened and most times unless it would kill someone we knew that we were going to be taken seriously.

The point I am trying to make here is that even though we did not have the education that the doctors we flew with, we still had something to contribute and we were not dismissed with "what do you know". I find many of my friends telling me that when they move to new position they have to prove themselves and or their ideas are not worth S@#& because of just plain ignorance by their supervisor. Many supervisors out there could take a lesson from the medical world and quit trying to make their subordinates prove themselves over and over and over again. Medicine and nurses operate under the old adage "See one, do one, teach one" and move one. You only have to prove yourself once.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Them Die

I really was taken aback by the outright callous behavior of some in the audience at the Republican debates earlier this week. During the debate on emergency rooms and the fact that many without insurance use them for basic healthcare one of the participants was being asked whether he should turn these folks without insurance away? Replying with somewhat of a surprise in his voice he stated and I paraphrase "you mean let them die"? Someone from the audience shouted "yes". I was shocked to say the least I had no idea that the conservative side had completely gone over to the dark side and now is in favor of letting those who can't afford insurance die. Does this mean that say if you are a conservative and your child works in a place where he or she is not afforded health insurance then if something untoward happens and they become ill we should let them die!

Well, as most of you who read my blog I am a registered nurse and I took an oath much like the physicians do to uphold the sanctity of life and I take that oath seriously. Consequently, we do see a lot of folks in the emergency department who do not really need to be there but we see them none the less. Sometimes, what seems to be a minor problem on the surface turns out to be much more and catches us by surprise. Consequently, we treat everyone and they receive care regardless. Until someone comes up with a better system we will continue to march and treat those who have and those who have not.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please tear up my lawn

Well it has finally happened to me and I thought I was going to get through this life without having to be the old mean guy on the block. Currently, as I write this several people from a party two doors down have decided to start playing football in my front lawn. Yes, it angers me to see this happening on my property and I am not sure why but, I know I want to get out the shotgun and start waving it around with a lot of swearing to add the icing on the cake.

I guess it's just the lack of respect for other people's property and I would expect were road rage and just people going postal. I believe if you have too many of these episodes to close together and then somebody gets hurt.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holding America Hostage

Take a moment and think if you were a business owner and decided that you could get all government regulations removed by holding back on the creation of jobs. Seriously, if you and the rest of business decided that if you hold back on jobs to get rid of a president you do not like in favor of getting an administration that would roll back regulation and basically let you have free reign to pollute at will. Moreover, once the new administration is in you can put on jobs and claim victory and forever roll back regulation as a job killer. Think that's too far out to be true? Think that American business would never do that to Americans? Please American business does that kind of "business" every day with no remorse. Jobs have been leaving these shores for years and now business is doing it again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


In 2004, there were approximately 24.7 million businesses in the United States, according to Office of Advocacy estimates. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates there were 29.3 million nonfarm business tax returns in 2004. From "Small Business Notes" online edition. Now I maybe over simplifying the issue but, if every one of those business owners hire just one person that will go a long way to easing the problems in this economy. What these business owners need to understand is that they must help people get back to work so this in turn will help them. Starts with the business owners we can't do it on our own!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lying is fine

Everybody lies that is what I heard when I used to watch Doctor House on television and whether you think commercials have been subtlety lying to us for years they are doing it blatantly now. There is a commercial where a woman is trying to win a radio contest and she is asked if she has even won before and she denies. All the while her home is filled with the spoils of her past victories an obvious lie. . For sometime a lot of the sit- coms have been using lying as the main plot theme. Consequently, we can conclude that lying has gone main stream in America. However, then why is it a crime to lie to a police officer, when we teach the art of lying on television?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bridge to Nowhere

Ford road for those who have not had the pleasure is a two lane ribbon which starts near the midway mall off West River road and goes north and ends at Gulf road near Rt. 254. The road winds through two of the Lorain County Metro parks: High meadows and Burr Oak. Midway on Ford road is a small one lane bridge which has fallen into such disrepair that the road is closed to through traffic. Consequently, the maintenance to keep the road passable has stopped and the road has begun crumble as a result of slippage of the ground under the roadway. The bridge itself has a large hole in the center and probably needs to be completely replaced as well as a major part of the road. Will the roadway ever be repaired? The rumor mill is circulating a story that when ODOT repairs the route 2 bridge over the black river the Ford road bridge will also be repaired or replaced. With the state of the funds in this state it maybe just a rumor!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Really, Jim Really

Let's just take a second and think about what is going on in Washington, the big picture. The republicans are digging in their collective heels about the budget and being stubborn about raising taxes and especially about raising taxes on the "job creators". Now, we need to look at why the republicans are so stubborn and what they have to gain by doing so. Well, without a doubt most of the big contributors to any republican campaign are big businesses. Additionally, what do they expect to get for their money? Well, they expect to have legislators that will be business friendly, that is no taxes, no regulations; no standing is the way of the bottom line. So, how do you get that? Easy, you first get as many legislators in your pocket as you can afford. Moreover, you need to have someone in the Whitehouse that will rubber stamp every piece of legislation that comes down the pike. Unfortunately, currently there is a stumbling block in the way of having the perfect climate for business. Then conservatives don't own the Whitehouse. Well you ask how do you get the Whitehouse back? Easy, first you get big business to keep hiring to an absolute minimum and then fight the president on every issue no matter how bad it impacts the everyday American. You then wait the four years keeping unemployment high and keep the rhetoric hot and partisan. Wait until election time, blame everything on the president and hope the public buys the whole lie and get your man or woman back in the Whitehouse. Consequently, once you're in and have the house and senate you start hiring and declare victory and say we should have done this all along. Genius absolute genius and the really sad thing is Americans won't care how or why but, when the jobs come back it's all good. Really…..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unforced errors

I remember my parents talking about how the things had changed for the worse in the land of cotton and they had to journey to Ohio to find work. They had made the journey on faith that a job would be here when they arrived. Hill and Hubbell I think was the name of the steel maker what is now U.S Steel. My father secured a job as a loborer. A series of layoffs and re- hires ensued and my parents stayed and eventually died here in Ohio far away from the land of their birth in the Deep South.

Now, this drama is playing itself again in the lives of folks in Ohio. Jobs are scarce for many who do not possess the skill set needed for the current business climate and many are older which another strike against you is if you need a job. Some years before those looking for work headed north and now those looking for work are headed south. Much of the business has moved back to the south as the labor is cheaper.

How does this have anything to do with unforced errors? Those of us that have to move south are most likely doing so not because we want to it's because we must and we must because of someone else's mistakes their unforced errors! Much like the late fifties things have changed, politicians then as now believed that left to their own devices business would do right by the American people who helped them get to the prosperity they enjoy. However, then as now we are paying for that trust. While the vast of majority of small business are good folks on the other hand it is my opinion that big business would step on their dead mother's grave to abuse their crippled sister. The obsession to appease shareholders at all costs sets the American people second or third on the list of folks big business cares about if at all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nursing home or jail

Not long ago a friend of mine and I joked that we would not be able to medical care as we aged. We joked that we should rob a bank and let the state take care of us as we began to fall apart. Well, today that very thing happened. Homeless and sick gentlemen in need of medical care robbed a bank for one dollar and will likely serve three years in prison for his crime. The man stated that he had some medical issues and needed medical care. More than likely he will get the care he needs and it's probably not the Mayo clinic but, it is indeed better than nothing.

Think about it for a second what's worse prison or a nursing home? Some instances it's the same thing……..Now, before you get on my case remember I am a nurse so I do know something about nursing homes and some are great if you can afford it. Now go to jail at no cost to you and get as they say three hots and a cot. Now, the bad part its PRISON and I am sure everything you have heard is probably true. However, if you are sick enough maybe they will leave you alone and the n again maybe not.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jerk Therapy

This past week the news was filled with the antics of one New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Now, I am sure we all know his proclivities for self promotion and his shenanigans were not lost on one person in particular. My wife listened intently to the new development which the congressman is going to seek treatment for his particular problem. My wife looked disgusted and then without hesitation asked how was the congressman to receive therapy for being a jerk. There it was "jerk Therapy" a not so new malady but one I am sure psychologists would add to the treatment list.

Think of it folks we all know someone that has been or is a jerk. In fact I was once known to my family as the" A--Hole jerk" so I might need to partake of such therapy myself. Honestly, I wonder what the treatment would entail and what the cure rate would be. Moreover, considering the amount of jerks out there sounds like it could become very lucrative for the enterprising psycho therapist.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senior P.A.C.

A quick Google search and I did not find a political action committee that was just for seniors. Now, some of you may think that AARP is the leading senor PAC. Unfortunately, I do not think that AARP is interested in anything other than selling insurance. I say this because the most important debate for seniors is going on and I have yet to hear anything on the position of the AARP. Medicare the safety net for seniors is for all intents and purposes on the chopping block and I would believe that this would be on the AARP's front burner. Checking AARP website shows a short letter sent to lawmakers asking to stop changes to Medicare. The letter was near the bottom of the page surrounded by ads and other news of the day.

Consequently, this begs for a real senior PAC to come to the political forefront. This PAC is one that should have teeth, one with a large following of seniors and for seniors. This would ensure that when the PAC spoke lawmakers would listen and take notice. Baby boomers are going to be one of the largest blocks of voters; moreover the Medicare debate is one of the most important debates that Americans will hear this year.

Does it really matter?

I have come to the conclusion that it may not matter who is mayor, governor, senator and especially president. Things have been bad for so long that I cannot remember when it was good. Meaning that we have had both parties in control and in complete control and the economy still sucks. So does that mean that it really does not matter? The economy has been hammered to the point where some folks are saying it could be another four or five years for everyone to get truly back on their feet. Meanwhile, the baby boomers have little or no retirement whatsoever and with the economy in the can the hopes of that changing are really moot. Consequently, some of these folks will die in which for all intents and purposes will be poverty. Having worked for many years having voted for their respective candidates with the idea that they would actually change things and make them better for each and everyone has come and gone. I do not believe that all politicians are bad but, I do believe a great many are bought and paid for by business.


Recently, while talking to a man at the ice cream stand as we waited the conversation turned to the economy and the general state of the union. The conversation was unremarkable until the man said he thought we were rapidly racing headlong into a revolution here in these United States! Normally, I smile and make some patronizing remark and go on but, the problem this time was I had heard this same statement from several other folks all in the same week and from totally different genres and socioeconomic status.

I have taken the time to think about what they said and how they said it additionally, I thought about why they were saying revolution and the fact they did not laugh when they said it. Over the years we have always had these groups on the fringe spouting one conspiracy or another and paid little to no attention to them. However, this talk has come from folks who are far from being on the fringe. These folks are far more in mainstream than I was ready to accept.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High grass….Really

For the folks in Lorain the city has erected a page on its internet access to deal with those folks who can't or won't cut their grass. However, the city has its own problems on the eastside of the city at the corner of Eastlawn and Maple streets. Maple Park had been recently renovated with a new back stop and one city resident had been trying valiantly to keep it nice by planting flowers and trimming the area. However, they could not keep up and the park has now fallen back to an eyesore. Some of the neighbors have had to use their own trimmers to make the playing area useable. Vandals have broken the bleachers and the grass and or weeds have taken over the diamond. Moreover, the area behind the park owned by Key one Enterprise (according to the Lorain county auditor's real estate page) is a wooded area which has several fires and an area for dumping and general deterioration. The pictures tell the story.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


    Spring has limped its way into the Midwest and the nice weather will bring out the motorcyclists. Unfortunately, for some this will be the last year for you in fact some of you will be dead before this blog is posted. I want to take this opportunity to ask those of you who ride and especially those who ride without a helmet to sign a donor card and donate your organs to someone in need.

I am not here to argue the pros and cons of not wearing a helmet there are none if you don't wear a helmet you are just being selfish and dare I say stupid. I know because I used to ride a motorcycle and did for many years right up to the day I became a flight nurse for metro life flight. One of my very first scene runs was to motorcycle accident where a man and his girlfriend struck a guardrail and were thrown from the bike. The man was killed instantly when his head impacted the steel support post he was lucky in a sense he died without too much pain. However, his girlfriend rode the guardrail for several yards before ending up in a ditch and still alive but unconscious she lived three more days and her family did donate her organs. Now, by far the most spectacular of all was the man who swerved to miss a dog he was riding a crotch rocket at well over the speed limit on a narrow road in rural Medina county, he was wearing a helmet and when we loaded him into the aircraft I showed him the helmet which had a hole in the front where his forehead would be, the hole was all the way through to the padding. Imagine if he had not worn a helmet and his forehead was sliding down the pavement. Additionally, the three guys who all ran over each other. The first guy dumped it and the second ran over him and the third guy ran over the first two….all wearing helmets and the only injury was a broken leg on the first guy who fell.

However, for most of you who ride and read this you are saying it will never happen to me. Really? I have a friend who has ridden for over 20 years and he states "it's not if you will lay it down it's when everybody wrecks sooner or later" Moreover, many times you do not have to lay it down you get mashed by the other vehicles that you share the road with!

My take home point is this. If you ride then sign a donor card, having an accident on a bike is almost always fatal and someone needs your organs and they will take very good care of them. Do something that will make your death a little less senseless.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easy Money

I am the last person to tell anyone how to do their job except Governor Kasick. Anyway, if the city of Lorain would like to make a few bucks and maybe teach some drivers how to slow down. Stake out any school zone in the city and especially the Clearview area. Anytime the school zone is at twenty miles per hour you will find at least half the cars over the limit and at least one or two way over. Now, I know how easy it is to get a little fast on the highways and It seems that a lot of folks are speeding on the interstate however, a school zone is a no slack zone, there is absolutely no reason and or excuse to speed through a school zone.

Now, the state highway patrol has on more than one occasion used the area as a target rich environment and is giving out high speed driving awards to those in the fast lane and it would seem that maybe the locals could follow suit and fill out some awards of their own.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Six hundred twenty two dollars

Federal, state, sales, property, and gas taxes and now the city wants it's due to the tune of six hundred and change. Now, the problem is that I have no heartburn with paying my fair share of taxes except that I have a pothole or concrete cancer in front of my home. The size seems to continue grow over the last five years because that's when it was just a little tiny chip. Now, as you can see from the picture it has grown and covers almost one side of the road. So, if the city doesn't mind I would like that one percent they have decided they need to get by to go to my pothole. After all, it is in front of my house so why not fix it with my six hundred and twenty two bucks!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Park update

Many times a problem or a set of problems comes down to education and or knowing all the facts. Thursday I met with Paul Hruby and Brian Holmes from the Lorain county metro parks. Garbage in the Days dam area is an ongoing problem and apparently has many folks trying to keep it under control for some time with no end in sight. Garbage collection and removal to include taking it to the dump takes time from the rangers and the employees cutting grass and keeping the paths clear.

Friends of the metro parks which is an all volunteer group and or groups has taken more than several attempts to clean up the garbage. However, it seems that folks who live near the park need to understand that being a good neighbor means watching what they leave in their backyard that might end up down in the park. Moreover, several residents have unfortunately found themselves in court because of their failure to be a good neighbor. The park system has a more difficult job due to the fact that the biggest and what I feel is the best park in the system sits between the two largest cities in the county which leaves it at the mercy of the residents that surround it. The picture is of the amount of garbage collected and awaiting removal. Should you want to help and your help would be appreciated follow the link to the friends of the metro parks. Additionally, there is an engine block that needs to be removed and it's not going to be an easy job and maybe one of you has the where with all to get that thing out the park.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Parks II

I have not heard from the powers that be at the Lorain County Parks Department However that does not mean I am giving up the quest. I suspect someone will talk to me at some point and I will keep you posted. I will post the remaining images of the garbage that has piled up over time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

County parks trash dump

Hidden by the summers foliage at least one county park has become a trash dump for surrounding residents. Days dam probably the jewel of Lorain Counties Metro park system is being used as a dump. Finding tires, shopping carts, toys, and the just plain trash. Conversely, should we be spending money on new swimming facilities when our parks could use a cleanup. Moreover, this trash has obviously come from the neighborhoods surrounding the park. The cleanup will cost the park system money can anyone be held responsible for this mess?

We are going to find out the answers and I will keep you posted on the progress of this investigation.

Friday, March 25, 2011

He ain’t heavy

About forty years ago I would sit behind a drum kit at four thirty every Saturday. John Tassone my drum teacher puffed on his pipe and would start the record and I would try to play along with the music. More often than not I would have stop and restart the music. One Saturday he started a song called "He ain't heavy he's my brother". I had real trouble playing that song for the simple reason I was picturing the lyrics in my mind. I was picturing a man carrying another man. I really didn't realize until many years later what that song was all about.

The road is long with many of winding turns
That lead us to who knows where,
who knows where
But I'm strong,
strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
So on we go
His welfare is my concern
No burden is he to bear, we'll get there
For I know
he would not encumber me
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
If I'm laden at all,
I am laden with sadness that
everyone's heart isn't filled with the gladness
of Love for one another
It's a long long road
From which there is no return
while we're on our way to there why not share
And the load doesn't weigh me down at all
He ain't heavy , he's my brother
He ain't heavy
He's my brother

"The Hollies"

This song it seems means even more today I would think that during the current difficulty you must know someone who you might carry. After all he ain't heavy .

Friday, March 18, 2011


"Death is the ultimate injustice"

Most of us don't think about death until it is thrust upon us via a death of a relative or a friend. However, it is something we all must face and it seems that we have little say in how and when, That is unless you take your own life and you have the time and place and method at your disposal. My problem with death is that the only justification I can see for its need is to keep the planet from being overpopulated.

I am not going into the religious significance of death, that is a can of worms I refuse to open. Moreover, I can see no way to avoid it I believe that if we were able to find cures for every illness and somehow stop all accidents and really bring death to a halt we would only slow it down for a short time. I believe in some fashion it would begin to consume us in wholesale fashion again at some point. I looked up online the amount of deaths per day on the planet and my research came up with somewhere around ten thousand a day die here on terra firma. Many more than I would expect, that started me thinking that if this planet goes on say for another thousand years we will need a lot more space for graveyards unless we come to some consensus on cremation and there again is another topic I will leave alone.

The finality of death and its randomness strikes me as a crap shoot and lottery, a flip of the coin if you will. One day you're here and the next you're gone and it seems that it takes most of your friends about two weeks for you to leave their memory unless they get the occasional reminder that you have just died. I guess it makes people think about their own demise and no one wants to do that. Now that's exactly what I am doing making you think about your death and do you agree that it is the ultimate injustice? Think about it for a minute did you do anything to deserve it? Have you engaged in genocide or ethnic cleansing, wholesale slaughter of others or any one of the acts which society has decided to place death as the ultimate price?

Having done nothing of this kind then is your death and yes you will have one, is it justified? Can you give me any good sound reason why you should die? Why your life should come to an end and the appointed hour. Remember we are or at least I am leaving any kind of divine intervention out of this. Having trouble justifying your demise, can't find a good reason? Now I mean a good reason not the noble crap "my time has come I have lived a good life and it's time for me to go stuff" I mean a good reason that says to you "yes that's a good reason for me to die" Yes, I believe that reason makes it ok for me to leave my family, my friends, my job, my car, my money and or anything else that might seem worth living for.

I can't for the life of me seem to find any good reason for my death or anyone else for that matter save the Hitler's and the like. Nope, can't see it for you or me, I think we should be able to stick around for as long as we like. Turn it around for a second how many reasons can you give me to stay alive?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Brewery in Lorain

Recently, I watched a news piece on the rise of craft brews or basically local brew houses. This begs the question of why not here in Lorain and why not use the Broadway building. Now I have no idea who owns the building and it looks like it needs some repair. However, it sits empty and deteriorating as you read this. I would expect that if would make a good building for just such an enterprise. Cleveland has "Great Lakes Brewery" and arguably has had some success and I do not see why we cannot do the same thing here on the river. No, I have no brewing experience No; I have no experience running a brewery. However, I do have experience drinking good beer and that must count for something. What do you think? (About the brewery).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Corn syrup

Next time you go shopping take a minute or two and look at the labels on your food and see how much high fructose corn syrup is in just about everything. I think the only think it's not in is gasoline.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wonder about that

Do you take the time to wonder about things? Things like why we get old, why we have to die, why we wrinkle like a prune. Why we have a change in seasons and why those seasons seem longer in the winter than the summer months. Moreover, why we marry who we marry and why we get rid of those folks nearly fifty percent of the time. Additionally, why do make the choices we make and why animals don't go to heaven! That's enough!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


The time has come to start thinking about getting enough signatures to recall the Govenor!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too much experience

Today I called about a position that I found on Craig's list. The job was for a R.N. in a doctor's office, I called the number and after a short interview the woman at the staffing company felt I was not qualified to even send her my resume. Seems that no matter how much experience you have if you do not have a year's recent experience and she meant current experience then you are not qualified! Now, I calmly explained to this person that as a nurse I had over twenty five years of experience and some of that was indeed working for a doctor. Moreover, I was more than qualified to work in a doctor's office….no matter what doctor it is. I don't want to seem arrogant but, I have worked in every aspect of nursing and done just about everything and I do mean everything. I have done procedures as an advanced practice R.N. that includes everything except delivering a baby!

No sale, forget it, nada, can't do it, Sorry not interested, thank you for your time and goodbye! So, what do I make of this! I thought experience was gold. My feeling is that the real story is what you have done for me lately like in the last week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Frozen flags

Looking out my window I have a very good view of my flag which is flown everyday. Today it is covered in ice and folded over on itself a large ice sickle hangs from the blue star field. This sets my mind to wondering about the irony of my flags predicament. Wisconsin and to some extent Ohio are in the same shape as my flag….folded on itself and frozen.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Young people are doing it again!

Many of us were alive when young people filled the streets all over the United States back in the late sixties. Then those folks were protesting the Vietnam War and the government prosecution of that war. Protests eventually brought an end to that war and eventually indirectly caused a president to resign.

Today over forty years later young people in Tunis and now in Egypt fill the streets wanting something better wanting their future to be in their hands and a change at the top. Those of us who were alive back then in the late sixties I for one find it amazing that we will witness the people in action and causing change in our lifetime. Possibly, a wholesale change in the Middle East possibly that this will just be the tip of the iceberg. Could this be the tidal wave of change to democracy that would forever make how we look at our world?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Justice is blind and maybe dumb

There are over one million people incarcerated in the United States and it's guesstamated that around ten percent of that one million is innocent. Math was never my strong suit but, I can figure out that a lot of folks are sitting in jail and shouldn't be there. Locally, today we seem to have the same problem that is two people who by most accounts are probably not guilty of the crimes of which they are accused. When I say probably that means there is some doubt and in this case there is a lot of doubt. Moreover, to my mind you would think that the whole bunch i.e.: the judge, the prosecutor, the defense, defendant's and those who did the accusing get together and figure this thing out without the letter of the law. From my point the letter of the law is the problem.

Laws were made to protect all of us and punish the guilty and the original laws the ones way back at the beginning were written with a certain spirit. Ideally, with some room to say wait a minute are we doing the right thing? Lately, it seems we are more interested in the absolute application of the law and no wiggle room and let's go for the conviction no matter what! I can't help seeing Al Pacino screaming "you're all out of order", this whole system is out of order". Well, of course that was just a movie…..or was it!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Annual Thank you

Every year I like to thank a patient who I took care of as a student nurse way back in 1982. This patient was on a regular floor and at this time as student nurses we were not as busy as the regular staff and we could spend time with our charges. My patient at the time was bed ridden and had several tubes and intravenous lines and nearing the end of his life. I sat near him and he managed to impart what I believe to be the most important advice I have ever received. "Son don't wait till you are in this shape if you have something you want to do then you better do it while you can cause once you're here it's too late and you will regret it I guarantee it."

Well, that hit me like a ton of bricks and to say it was a huge moment in my life is an understatement. I have set goals for myself and achieved them for the most part. Now, you can probably think of a dozen reasons why you can't do this and I will agree with you that this philosophy of life is not without problems. You will have to have a very understanding spouse to achieve this degree of hedonistic activity and many folks are just as happy doing what they do every day and will go to the grave none the worse. However, if you have dreams at some point you are going to realize you get one shot at this life and it does not last long. So, if you get a chance to see or do something special then you better do it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Early Ohio

Every year I take a day and wonder through the Lorain county Metro parks and enjoy the unspoiled landscape. Quiet and still in the woods is the best way for me to be able to relax completely, the air is crisp and clean. Finding a place to sit and just think of what it must have been like here 300 years ago before all the urban sprawl. From what I understand in early Ohio they say that a squirrel would jump from tree to tree and never touch the ground from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.

Look out your window and imagine no grass, no road, no power lines, and no sidewalks just endless trees as far as you could see. Shortly after that quiet time in the woods I was traveling east on route two and noticed that in Avon they are timbering the area just north of the highway. Soon, there will be more big box stores or home developments. Guess the wildlife and the quiet will just have to find somewhere else to live.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Misplaced optimism

Today's paper tells the beginning of the end of the premier soccer academy However, the end actually started when the idea was promoted and came to fruition. The academy had as much chance of succeeding here as the proverbial snowball in hell. Maybe, southern California or Florida but not in Lorain, Ohio not now soccer is way down on the sport's popularity list behind football, basketball and baseball. Do you watch it on T.V.? You just cannot beat those odds and survive in America and certainly not in northern Ohio.

Moreover, as I have said in the past starting a business here is a risky and almost surely a losing proposition. I have a friend who says that business has to come to northern Ohio for the water well we have more water than you can shake a stick at and we can't even keep the marinas open. I have said it before and I will state my case here again: when gas goes to eight and ten dollars a gallon this city and many like it will flourish again. Why? Because you and I will have to buy everything locally and small and smaller business will spring up to meet that demand. Wal mart and the big box stores move everything by truck and it will be too expensive to ship across country. So, local produce and manufacturing will have to be done here if it's done at all. One thing for sure we will have plenty of water!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

$1000.00 glasses

Most of us have had to purchase glasses at some time in our lives or will have to especially after you turn forty. I have found that the mark up on frames and lenses can be huge and a recent experience really showed me that I was paying way too much. I had purchased a pair of glasses with all the extras and the total was well over five hundred dollars. Unfortunately, I had them less than a year and lost them at Cedar Point so; the search was on for a new pair. Several friends suggested that I try a company called Zenni optical from the web. Understandably I was a little skeptical but, I went ahead and I am thrilled the same glasses cost me a mere eighty dollars. Yes, that's correct and they came in about ten days.

This episode got me to thinking about what else I was getting the shaft on especially from professionals such as doctors, dentist's lawyers and the like. Recently, I saw a specialist who was not on my health plan the office call which lasted less than ten minutes cost 289.00, a Friend had one drop of resin applied to one tooth and the cost was 245.00. Now you know and I know that resin cost the dentist about ten bucks for a bottle, and the frames you get at the eye doctor cost them about eight or ten dollars.

I have a friend who is a photographer and he does mostly weddings and senior portraits and he does not gouge his clients in fact his prices are too low to make any money. After, talking with him about this blog post he is adapting a new policy that anyone who has letters after his name is getting a surcharge for images. He wouldn't say how much but, I am guessing it won't be pretty.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I believe that over time we have become less civil in our society and it has been this way for a long time. I have noticed that the simple act of holding a door for someone has gone by the wayside. Seeming folks cannot be bothered to perform a simple courtesy. I used to see drivers letting each other through at intersections and entry ways to stores and the like. However, I see less and less of that especially at Christmas time when there should be a lot of that going on.

Will we or can we change? I am not sure we will it seems that it's just we have stopped teaching this courtesy to our children Moreover, I thought for a time that maybe we should demand that of each other. Realistically, civility and courtesy has to come from the heart and that cannot be forced. Time will tell if we will become more civil and more courteous to each other.

Monday, January 10, 2011


    The tragic events of this past Saturday which left 6 dead and many wounded bear the indirect responsibility of the talking heads like Limbaugh, Beck, and Sara Palin. Unfortunately, these people will never take the responsibility for their actions. Always someone else who's to blame always someone else who caused the tragedy never entertaining the idea that their rhetoric may have pushed some psychotic individual to violence.

Now, I expect a ton of folks peppering me with excuses for Palin, Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh, save your breath NO one will convince me that they are not at fault even if it is indirectly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ka-sick caves

Tripped me up this time, someone with a few brain cells got to the Governor and he is going to do the whole dog and pony show. Well, we have a few years to go yet and I can't believe he won't screw it up again.

Ka-sick steps in it

You never know when you're going to receive gift from out of the blue and if the news is true then the governor has given me a gift to start the New Year. Mr. Ka-sick snubbed the fourth estate by barring them from his coronation. Talk about dumb that boy aint right and I love it snubbing the press is akin to urinating in Walter Cronkite's cheerios….it's just not done. Now every time that knuckle head even looks like he's done something even a little bit wrong it will be blown up like Hiroshima. I know I said I was not going to get into this political crap….but; you can't pass this stuff up. Thanks governor keep up the good work.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Look at the New Year differently

I wondered at midnight of the New Year if the temperature was any indication of things to come. I for one certainly hope that the New Year will be better for everyone. Alas only time will tell however, I wonder if we might forget the outside influence and concentrate on the things we can control. I think that many folks let what happens in the city, the state and the federal government dictates how they live their lives. Can we ignore what happens in government and just go on with our lives and minimize the impact the government has in our day to day comings and goings. Now I am not saying we don't pay our taxes or ignore traffic tickets however, I think we can let the maddening, frustrating; antics roll off our collective backs and try to be positive in our own little corner of the world. I am sure some of you already do this and I applaud you unfortunately, I let all the government "stuff" make me crazy. I am hoping to ignore things that make me mad and make my year better for my family and my friends.