Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nursing home or jail

Not long ago a friend of mine and I joked that we would not be able to medical care as we aged. We joked that we should rob a bank and let the state take care of us as we began to fall apart. Well, today that very thing happened. Homeless and sick gentlemen in need of medical care robbed a bank for one dollar and will likely serve three years in prison for his crime. The man stated that he had some medical issues and needed medical care. More than likely he will get the care he needs and it's probably not the Mayo clinic but, it is indeed better than nothing.

Think about it for a second what's worse prison or a nursing home? Some instances it's the same thing……..Now, before you get on my case remember I am a nurse so I do know something about nursing homes and some are great if you can afford it. Now go to jail at no cost to you and get as they say three hots and a cot. Now, the bad part its PRISON and I am sure everything you have heard is probably true. However, if you are sick enough maybe they will leave you alone and the n again maybe not.

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