Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have always been under the impression that the folks who went to Washington after being elected went to legislate. Now in my mind that means they went to enact laws to protect the people and keep them from harm. Consequently, that means that laws many times will impact those folks who are what we call job creators and many times it will mean affecting them in negative ways. Unfortunate but necessary; remember, it's a democracy which means for the majority.

Moreover, it seems that if legislators do what they were sent to Washington to accomplish, then the creators will continue to hold jobs hostage. Evidently the strategy is working because legislators are not enacting many laws for the everyday citizen and if they do by some off chance; it's labeled a job killer. You would think it's all about us!

Jet Pack

I sit here with my new smart phone and marvel at how far we have come in our technology considering at one point some of us marveled at the eight track tape as new fantastic technology. Those of you who were not around in the mid nineteen-seventies, let me explain. Eight tracks, as they were called, consisted of a quarter inch magnetic tape encased in a plastic case about the size of our current disc case and the tape played in a loop. While eight tracks were considered better sounding, the tape was plagued with breaking and being eaten by the machine that played it.

About the same time the technology powers at be said we would be flying around in personal jet packs and I took them at their word. I can control the space shuttle from my cell phone, but I am stuck travelling to and from by car. What is the holdup? I mean we should zooming all over the place. Considering how far we have come, we have fallen short of this worthy goal.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Out of touch completely

Anyone, who thinks for one minute that Mr. Gingrich was not playing to the folks at N.A.S.A. when he stated he would put a permanent base on the moon, is in need of psychiatric help. Candidates will say anything to get the votes they need. Should, Newt get elected President I would guess the moon base will go away so fast you would think it had rabies.

Playing devil's advocate and let's just say that Gingrich was serious and decided to try to put a colony on the moon. Imagine just how much that would cost and I don't think all of us will be in the mix to have a dog in this fight. Sure, we will be told it will generate quadrillion jobs that will range from landscaping to C.E.O. of Goldman Sacs….lunacy division.

Making promises you will never keep must have started with the chicken in every pot and a vehicle in every garage. Honestly, can we agree that everything any politician says is a lie until proven otherwise.