Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Handicap abuse

Take the time to look at the folks who are using the handicap parking spaces. I have noticed that some of these folks aren't very handicapped and seemed very able bodied indeed. I am not surprised to see people abusing the privilege. Many folks think no one will know and moreover, who will say anything! Considering the epidemic of obesity in this country you might think folks would like to walk a little extra, but you would be wrong. We would rather park close to the building and we have no qualms about using a handicap sticker to do it. I am going to find out from the state on how you turn in these abusers.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Labor pains

Good honest work: I have heard that many times and any work done honestly should be considered good. However, it seems that some folks still look down on folks who do the work. Should you get the chance, take a job at minimum wage and see how you are treated by others. Recently, I took a job cleaning a bank. The folks who work in the bank have no idea what I do otherwise and it is amazing how I get treated. Now not all the folks are snooty. Some are friendly; however, there are those who clearly do not want me around when they are working. Hence, I have been notified to wait until all the employees have departed. Why is that I wonder? Should I just brush it off and not worry about it or is it something else indeed. Let's just say I walked into the bank wanting to deposit ten thousand dollars. I wonder how I would be received. My bet is that I would be escorted into the branch manager's office. I know I would because some years ago I had that very experience. How things have changed or have they always been like this? I would guess the more you make means you deserve more respect than say a ditch digger or a bank cleaner.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Recently, a young girl was a guest in my home brought by my sister on a visit. This in and of itself is not remarkable except that she was the most polite child I have encountered in sometime. Cheyenne is eight years old and one of four siblings of a single mother. Cheyenne is moving back to Tennessee after living in a rundown apartment in Canton. My sister knows this family and is trying to help them get back on their feet and moving back to Tennessee is part of the plan. While she was here in our home I heard yes sir and yes ma'am and may I and thank you.

Considering my last blog post this young child is a refreshing contrast and restores my belief that there are children still in the world who are polite and a joy to around.