Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something to ponder

Older workers especially ones that have risen to the top of the pay scale and are nearing retirement may need to beware of their employer. Part of the reason there are few well paying jobs is the process of elimination of the older workers position and then giving the workload to another lower paid and younger worker who dares not make a protest for fear of losing their job. Once this is accomplished the employer finds he gets the same amount of work for the price of one worker. Hence lower cost of labor as well as fewer benefits to pay. Win win for the employer and the older worker is basically screwed.


Tuesday's election if goes as predicted will more than likely bring on a gridlock in Washington that has never been witnessed before. Conservatives feeling their respective oats will now feel that they can stop every initiative from any corner. Horribly, the architects of the debacle will return to the scene of the crime. Great just great……..ironically, it won't be their fault it will be yours!!!!