Monday, March 4, 2013

Business Bull

American business laid off workers by the thousands and forced the remaining workers to do double and sometime triple duty. Speak up about your work load and you could be fired and replaced easily with one of the five folks waiting for the chance to take your place. Business has been hanging onto millions of dollars and yelling that we will hire folks when you cut taxes and make it easier for us to hire. Kasich has cut taxes for Ohio business and we are still waiting for the jump in hiring. Businesses still has their workers doing double and triple work to keep their jobs. The impetus is not there to hire and not likely to show up anytime soon.

Legislative Change

A house divided cannot stand. President Lincoln said that over one hundred years ago and it is relevant as ever now. We as a nation are divided along political lines and that division has brought us to the point of legislative gridlock. I believe that we are so entrenched in our beliefs that we may never get any real legislation enacted. Changing the way we pick our legislators may be the answer. Now our legislators spend more time begging for money than they do enacting legislation and we all must agree that the more money you contribute the more likely your agenda has president in the legislators mind.

Consequently, maybe we should take away all that money and all that influence. First of all we do away with elections and find our legislators the same way we do our juries. Legislators would be picked from voter registration and serve two year terms one time with no chance for renewal. During their service they will be billeted much as recruits are in the military. Spartan rooms with no luxury and all amenities provided. One day per week legislators would hear from constituents about legislature concerns. Members would work behind locked doors for eight hours each day and would be able to see their family once per month and have their families during holidays. Sounds like being in prison will in a sense that's what we need. Members have one job and it's to enact legislation not to be swayed by lobbyists' and have affairs and the like. We need take all the extras that our current legislators enjoy and make it a hard job and one where the trust is high much higher than it is now.