Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nursing home or jail

Not long ago a friend of mine and I joked that we would not be able to medical care as we aged. We joked that we should rob a bank and let the state take care of us as we began to fall apart. Well, today that very thing happened. Homeless and sick gentlemen in need of medical care robbed a bank for one dollar and will likely serve three years in prison for his crime. The man stated that he had some medical issues and needed medical care. More than likely he will get the care he needs and it's probably not the Mayo clinic but, it is indeed better than nothing.

Think about it for a second what's worse prison or a nursing home? Some instances it's the same thing……..Now, before you get on my case remember I am a nurse so I do know something about nursing homes and some are great if you can afford it. Now go to jail at no cost to you and get as they say three hots and a cot. Now, the bad part its PRISON and I am sure everything you have heard is probably true. However, if you are sick enough maybe they will leave you alone and the n again maybe not.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jerk Therapy

This past week the news was filled with the antics of one New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Now, I am sure we all know his proclivities for self promotion and his shenanigans were not lost on one person in particular. My wife listened intently to the new development which the congressman is going to seek treatment for his particular problem. My wife looked disgusted and then without hesitation asked how was the congressman to receive therapy for being a jerk. There it was "jerk Therapy" a not so new malady but one I am sure psychologists would add to the treatment list.

Think of it folks we all know someone that has been or is a jerk. In fact I was once known to my family as the" A--Hole jerk" so I might need to partake of such therapy myself. Honestly, I wonder what the treatment would entail and what the cure rate would be. Moreover, considering the amount of jerks out there sounds like it could become very lucrative for the enterprising psycho therapist.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senior P.A.C.

A quick Google search and I did not find a political action committee that was just for seniors. Now, some of you may think that AARP is the leading senor PAC. Unfortunately, I do not think that AARP is interested in anything other than selling insurance. I say this because the most important debate for seniors is going on and I have yet to hear anything on the position of the AARP. Medicare the safety net for seniors is for all intents and purposes on the chopping block and I would believe that this would be on the AARP's front burner. Checking AARP website shows a short letter sent to lawmakers asking to stop changes to Medicare. The letter was near the bottom of the page surrounded by ads and other news of the day.

Consequently, this begs for a real senior PAC to come to the political forefront. This PAC is one that should have teeth, one with a large following of seniors and for seniors. This would ensure that when the PAC spoke lawmakers would listen and take notice. Baby boomers are going to be one of the largest blocks of voters; moreover the Medicare debate is one of the most important debates that Americans will hear this year.

Does it really matter?

I have come to the conclusion that it may not matter who is mayor, governor, senator and especially president. Things have been bad for so long that I cannot remember when it was good. Meaning that we have had both parties in control and in complete control and the economy still sucks. So does that mean that it really does not matter? The economy has been hammered to the point where some folks are saying it could be another four or five years for everyone to get truly back on their feet. Meanwhile, the baby boomers have little or no retirement whatsoever and with the economy in the can the hopes of that changing are really moot. Consequently, some of these folks will die in which for all intents and purposes will be poverty. Having worked for many years having voted for their respective candidates with the idea that they would actually change things and make them better for each and everyone has come and gone. I do not believe that all politicians are bad but, I do believe a great many are bought and paid for by business.


Recently, while talking to a man at the ice cream stand as we waited the conversation turned to the economy and the general state of the union. The conversation was unremarkable until the man said he thought we were rapidly racing headlong into a revolution here in these United States! Normally, I smile and make some patronizing remark and go on but, the problem this time was I had heard this same statement from several other folks all in the same week and from totally different genres and socioeconomic status.

I have taken the time to think about what they said and how they said it additionally, I thought about why they were saying revolution and the fact they did not laugh when they said it. Over the years we have always had these groups on the fringe spouting one conspiracy or another and paid little to no attention to them. However, this talk has come from folks who are far from being on the fringe. These folks are far more in mainstream than I was ready to accept.