Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Recently, while talking to a man at the ice cream stand as we waited the conversation turned to the economy and the general state of the union. The conversation was unremarkable until the man said he thought we were rapidly racing headlong into a revolution here in these United States! Normally, I smile and make some patronizing remark and go on but, the problem this time was I had heard this same statement from several other folks all in the same week and from totally different genres and socioeconomic status.

I have taken the time to think about what they said and how they said it additionally, I thought about why they were saying revolution and the fact they did not laugh when they said it. Over the years we have always had these groups on the fringe spouting one conspiracy or another and paid little to no attention to them. However, this talk has come from folks who are far from being on the fringe. These folks are far more in mainstream than I was ready to accept.

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