Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jerk Therapy

This past week the news was filled with the antics of one New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Now, I am sure we all know his proclivities for self promotion and his shenanigans were not lost on one person in particular. My wife listened intently to the new development which the congressman is going to seek treatment for his particular problem. My wife looked disgusted and then without hesitation asked how was the congressman to receive therapy for being a jerk. There it was "jerk Therapy" a not so new malady but one I am sure psychologists would add to the treatment list.

Think of it folks we all know someone that has been or is a jerk. In fact I was once known to my family as the" A--Hole jerk" so I might need to partake of such therapy myself. Honestly, I wonder what the treatment would entail and what the cure rate would be. Moreover, considering the amount of jerks out there sounds like it could become very lucrative for the enterprising psycho therapist.


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