Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank you white van lady

Thursday at or near 11:15 am, I went over the handle bars of my bike and landed in the southbound traffic of Colorado Avenue near interstate 90. My injuries were minor but the astonishing thing is initially folks just drove around me and my bike. I quickly got to the side of the rode and took stock of myself and my bike. I stood there on the side of the road and felt dizzy and the pain from fresh abrasions came on as the adrenalin receded. Now, by this time at least two or three minutes had elapsed and I heard from behind me "are you ok"? A woman had stopped and asked if I needed help and a ride home. She was the only person to ask. We talked for a few minutes as she became incensed to realize that she alone was the only one to stop. What was really an embarrassment at my accident became a realization that yes here in Lorain County in Avon, Ohio, folks just cannot be bothered to stop and help. I thought that only happened in big cities, but apparently I am mistaken. Anyway thank you to the lady who stopped to help, you are an angel.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The stage is set

Paul Ryan is Romney's pick for vice president. I cannot think of anyone worse. Middle class and folks who will be on Medicare will be affected the most by these two conservative zealots. Think we had it bad before these two get elected and the fecal material will indeed hit the rotary oscillator!

Home from the hill

I always expected that even into my seventies and later that I would still be a hunter. Over the last few years that feeling has begun to fade and now it is all but gone. I think as I have grown in years the value of life has very important to me and that means any life well, almost any I still have little grief over smashing a spider. Hunting which in the past had brought so much joy now seems like an enormous waste of time and effort and the actual kill leaves me sad and almost ashamed.