Monday, October 24, 2011

Don’t wait

Seems that many Americans are waiting for the government to do something and get them out of this economical melt down. Maybe, you shouldn't wait for someone else to help and waiting for this congress to do anything other than argue and bicker is a non starter. Consequently, I would guess that most of you have some skill something you like to do as a hobby or enjoy that might be marketable to some of your neighbors. Remember, this was how we started this country everybody had some type of skill that their friends and neighbors could use and pay for. I think at this point we all may to have make our own work our own source of income. Waiting on the local, state or federal government to help us is just not going to happen….not in this lifetime.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

View from under the bus.

Ever been thrown under the bus? For those of you who are not familiar with the term it means that someone has trashed you in some fashion. Generally, what happens is someone you know a friend or co worker runs to your boss or another friend and puts you in a bad light. Many times this is done to take the heat off of the trasher and putting the heat on you the trashed. I have no idea the motivations of those folks who like to throw people under the bus. I know they fail to think it through because it some instances being thrown under the bus means loss of a job, a friend, a relative or all the above.

I thought this kind of thing went out with the move from middle school to high school. However, I was incorrect it would seem that the tossing of folks under the bus is alive and well in all aspects of adult society. Maybe, this kind of behavior never really leaves some people who enjoy seeing another human being raked over the coals or worse lose their job. Make no mistake these folks take no guilt in the misfortune of others and the havoc they cause simply because they justify their actions with" you deserved it"!

Consequently, the next time you find yourself being chewed out by your boss or your significant other and you asked where did you get this information? And you find out someone you know has informed on you…….welcome to greasy side of the bus!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


When you're out driving through the neighborhood notice how many of your neighbors actually use their garages to store their vehicles. Many of you use the garage as a storage facility for all your stuff. The stuff you accumulate over the years and don't ever throw away. I can hear my dad voice now telling my mother that all of his junk consists of things we might need at some point. I myself have fallen prey to the same disease that makes you hold on to all that junk because you just might need it. The only problem with that theory is when you die someone has to come in and clean it up by way of giving it away or having an estate sale and of course hanging on to some of the good stuff themselves as they might need it at some point. Consequently, the item that is more valuable than all of that other stuff your car or truck sits out in the weather and takes a beating while that can of rusty nails sits high and dry. Now, why is that?