Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Does it really matter?

I have come to the conclusion that it may not matter who is mayor, governor, senator and especially president. Things have been bad for so long that I cannot remember when it was good. Meaning that we have had both parties in control and in complete control and the economy still sucks. So does that mean that it really does not matter? The economy has been hammered to the point where some folks are saying it could be another four or five years for everyone to get truly back on their feet. Meanwhile, the baby boomers have little or no retirement whatsoever and with the economy in the can the hopes of that changing are really moot. Consequently, some of these folks will die in which for all intents and purposes will be poverty. Having worked for many years having voted for their respective candidates with the idea that they would actually change things and make them better for each and everyone has come and gone. I do not believe that all politicians are bad but, I do believe a great many are bought and paid for by business.

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