Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senior P.A.C.

A quick Google search and I did not find a political action committee that was just for seniors. Now, some of you may think that AARP is the leading senor PAC. Unfortunately, I do not think that AARP is interested in anything other than selling insurance. I say this because the most important debate for seniors is going on and I have yet to hear anything on the position of the AARP. Medicare the safety net for seniors is for all intents and purposes on the chopping block and I would believe that this would be on the AARP's front burner. Checking AARP website shows a short letter sent to lawmakers asking to stop changes to Medicare. The letter was near the bottom of the page surrounded by ads and other news of the day.

Consequently, this begs for a real senior PAC to come to the political forefront. This PAC is one that should have teeth, one with a large following of seniors and for seniors. This would ensure that when the PAC spoke lawmakers would listen and take notice. Baby boomers are going to be one of the largest blocks of voters; moreover the Medicare debate is one of the most important debates that Americans will hear this year.


  1. Jim, I absolutely agree. I am currently doing research on a book or web site devoted to all senior issues that we all will have to face, including Senior Healthcare and Medical Insurance. AARP gets less than $600 Million from their 40 Million members and over $657 Million from Insurance Royalties and another $120 Million from Advertising.

  2. Jim,

    I am shocked that I am your first comment on this subject in almost 3 months. I agree with you and wonder if you have found a PAC during that time. I did find a reference to a Senior PAC in the New York Times back in 1982.