Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High grass….Really

For the folks in Lorain the city has erected a page on its internet access to deal with those folks who can't or won't cut their grass. However, the city has its own problems on the eastside of the city at the corner of Eastlawn and Maple streets. Maple Park had been recently renovated with a new back stop and one city resident had been trying valiantly to keep it nice by planting flowers and trimming the area. However, they could not keep up and the park has now fallen back to an eyesore. Some of the neighbors have had to use their own trimmers to make the playing area useable. Vandals have broken the bleachers and the grass and or weeds have taken over the diamond. Moreover, the area behind the park owned by Key one Enterprise (according to the Lorain county auditor's real estate page) is a wooded area which has several fires and an area for dumping and general deterioration. The pictures tell the story.


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