Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unforced errors

I remember my parents talking about how the things had changed for the worse in the land of cotton and they had to journey to Ohio to find work. They had made the journey on faith that a job would be here when they arrived. Hill and Hubbell I think was the name of the steel maker what is now U.S Steel. My father secured a job as a loborer. A series of layoffs and re- hires ensued and my parents stayed and eventually died here in Ohio far away from the land of their birth in the Deep South.

Now, this drama is playing itself again in the lives of folks in Ohio. Jobs are scarce for many who do not possess the skill set needed for the current business climate and many are older which another strike against you is if you need a job. Some years before those looking for work headed north and now those looking for work are headed south. Much of the business has moved back to the south as the labor is cheaper.

How does this have anything to do with unforced errors? Those of us that have to move south are most likely doing so not because we want to it's because we must and we must because of someone else's mistakes their unforced errors! Much like the late fifties things have changed, politicians then as now believed that left to their own devices business would do right by the American people who helped them get to the prosperity they enjoy. However, then as now we are paying for that trust. While the vast of majority of small business are good folks on the other hand it is my opinion that big business would step on their dead mother's grave to abuse their crippled sister. The obsession to appease shareholders at all costs sets the American people second or third on the list of folks big business cares about if at all.

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