Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bridge to Nowhere

Ford road for those who have not had the pleasure is a two lane ribbon which starts near the midway mall off West River road and goes north and ends at Gulf road near Rt. 254. The road winds through two of the Lorain County Metro parks: High meadows and Burr Oak. Midway on Ford road is a small one lane bridge which has fallen into such disrepair that the road is closed to through traffic. Consequently, the maintenance to keep the road passable has stopped and the road has begun crumble as a result of slippage of the ground under the roadway. The bridge itself has a large hole in the center and probably needs to be completely replaced as well as a major part of the road. Will the roadway ever be repaired? The rumor mill is circulating a story that when ODOT repairs the route 2 bridge over the black river the Ford road bridge will also be repaired or replaced. With the state of the funds in this state it maybe just a rumor!

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  1. Shame on any county who does repair and repair that is what our taxes are for.