Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Justice is blind and maybe dumb

There are over one million people incarcerated in the United States and it's guesstamated that around ten percent of that one million is innocent. Math was never my strong suit but, I can figure out that a lot of folks are sitting in jail and shouldn't be there. Locally, today we seem to have the same problem that is two people who by most accounts are probably not guilty of the crimes of which they are accused. When I say probably that means there is some doubt and in this case there is a lot of doubt. Moreover, to my mind you would think that the whole bunch i.e.: the judge, the prosecutor, the defense, defendant's and those who did the accusing get together and figure this thing out without the letter of the law. From my point the letter of the law is the problem.

Laws were made to protect all of us and punish the guilty and the original laws the ones way back at the beginning were written with a certain spirit. Ideally, with some room to say wait a minute are we doing the right thing? Lately, it seems we are more interested in the absolute application of the law and no wiggle room and let's go for the conviction no matter what! I can't help seeing Al Pacino screaming "you're all out of order", this whole system is out of order". Well, of course that was just a movie…..or was it!

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