Monday, January 31, 2011

Annual Thank you

Every year I like to thank a patient who I took care of as a student nurse way back in 1982. This patient was on a regular floor and at this time as student nurses we were not as busy as the regular staff and we could spend time with our charges. My patient at the time was bed ridden and had several tubes and intravenous lines and nearing the end of his life. I sat near him and he managed to impart what I believe to be the most important advice I have ever received. "Son don't wait till you are in this shape if you have something you want to do then you better do it while you can cause once you're here it's too late and you will regret it I guarantee it."

Well, that hit me like a ton of bricks and to say it was a huge moment in my life is an understatement. I have set goals for myself and achieved them for the most part. Now, you can probably think of a dozen reasons why you can't do this and I will agree with you that this philosophy of life is not without problems. You will have to have a very understanding spouse to achieve this degree of hedonistic activity and many folks are just as happy doing what they do every day and will go to the grave none the worse. However, if you have dreams at some point you are going to realize you get one shot at this life and it does not last long. So, if you get a chance to see or do something special then you better do it!

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