Tuesday, January 18, 2011

$1000.00 glasses

Most of us have had to purchase glasses at some time in our lives or will have to especially after you turn forty. I have found that the mark up on frames and lenses can be huge and a recent experience really showed me that I was paying way too much. I had purchased a pair of glasses with all the extras and the total was well over five hundred dollars. Unfortunately, I had them less than a year and lost them at Cedar Point so; the search was on for a new pair. Several friends suggested that I try a company called Zenni optical from the web. Understandably I was a little skeptical but, I went ahead and I am thrilled the same glasses cost me a mere eighty dollars. Yes, that's correct and they came in about ten days.

This episode got me to thinking about what else I was getting the shaft on especially from professionals such as doctors, dentist's lawyers and the like. Recently, I saw a specialist who was not on my health plan the office call which lasted less than ten minutes cost 289.00, a Friend had one drop of resin applied to one tooth and the cost was 245.00. Now you know and I know that resin cost the dentist about ten bucks for a bottle, and the frames you get at the eye doctor cost them about eight or ten dollars.

I have a friend who is a photographer and he does mostly weddings and senior portraits and he does not gouge his clients in fact his prices are too low to make any money. After, talking with him about this blog post he is adapting a new policy that anyone who has letters after his name is getting a surcharge for images. He wouldn't say how much but, I am guessing it won't be pretty.

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