Sunday, January 16, 2011


I believe that over time we have become less civil in our society and it has been this way for a long time. I have noticed that the simple act of holding a door for someone has gone by the wayside. Seeming folks cannot be bothered to perform a simple courtesy. I used to see drivers letting each other through at intersections and entry ways to stores and the like. However, I see less and less of that especially at Christmas time when there should be a lot of that going on.

Will we or can we change? I am not sure we will it seems that it's just we have stopped teaching this courtesy to our children Moreover, I thought for a time that maybe we should demand that of each other. Realistically, civility and courtesy has to come from the heart and that cannot be forced. Time will tell if we will become more civil and more courteous to each other.

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  1. Times they sure have changed. My wife knows to wait for me to open her car door or any door going into a building.

    I don't believe that women today understand when a man does that for them and don't expect it.

    I call it common curtesy to hold a door open for anyone.

    While driving I see too many drivers force their way into a lane cutting off other drivers. Turning on your turn signal does not automaticely give a driver the right of way. And then again how many drivers use their turn signals at all?

    If you treat other drivers on the road as you would treat a friend in your home fewer accidents would happen and there would be no road rage over inconsiderate drivers actions.