Monday, November 14, 2011

Park update

Last summer many of you may remember I had a blog post about the garbage I found in the metro parks specifically the Days Dam area. I went back a short time ago and surveyed the area and I have good news and bad news. Good news is that the huge mound of garbage is gone and there are just a few bags where the mound once stood also, it looks like the neighbors have not dumped any new garbage in the areas I walked through.
The engine block is still there I marveled that some of the spark plugs were still intact. Several shopping carts still litter the area and of course the ever present automobile tire and they seem to have multiplied in one area. Although the images show the garbage the overall look of the area is improved and looks more like a park should look. More work needs to be done of course and to some extent mother nature will take care of some of the garbage just form the normal breakdown over time.

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