Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wonder about that

Do you take the time to wonder about things? Things like why we get old, why we have to die, why we wrinkle like a prune. Why we have a change in seasons and why those seasons seem longer in the winter than the summer months. Moreover, why we marry who we marry and why we get rid of those folks nearly fifty percent of the time. Additionally, why do make the choices we make and why animals don't go to heaven! That's enough!


  1. I Absolutely wonder random thoughts about many things. Well when I have free time to let my mind "wander". I find that time precious. lol Like when we were kids and could wonder about almost anything and everything. I think its even more important as an adult, as now I feel like this is how some of the great minds of our time and before have discovered and resolved many great things. Even if we can't solve anything of worldly importance, I occasionally hit on a brainstorm or two for myself. Great ideas that i can implement into home or work. "Wondering minds"

  2. See...I think animals DO go to heaven. After all, if we love animals and heaven is a perfect place, what would it be like if our beloved pets weren't there?