Friday, March 18, 2011


"Death is the ultimate injustice"

Most of us don't think about death until it is thrust upon us via a death of a relative or a friend. However, it is something we all must face and it seems that we have little say in how and when, That is unless you take your own life and you have the time and place and method at your disposal. My problem with death is that the only justification I can see for its need is to keep the planet from being overpopulated.

I am not going into the religious significance of death, that is a can of worms I refuse to open. Moreover, I can see no way to avoid it I believe that if we were able to find cures for every illness and somehow stop all accidents and really bring death to a halt we would only slow it down for a short time. I believe in some fashion it would begin to consume us in wholesale fashion again at some point. I looked up online the amount of deaths per day on the planet and my research came up with somewhere around ten thousand a day die here on terra firma. Many more than I would expect, that started me thinking that if this planet goes on say for another thousand years we will need a lot more space for graveyards unless we come to some consensus on cremation and there again is another topic I will leave alone.

The finality of death and its randomness strikes me as a crap shoot and lottery, a flip of the coin if you will. One day you're here and the next you're gone and it seems that it takes most of your friends about two weeks for you to leave their memory unless they get the occasional reminder that you have just died. I guess it makes people think about their own demise and no one wants to do that. Now that's exactly what I am doing making you think about your death and do you agree that it is the ultimate injustice? Think about it for a minute did you do anything to deserve it? Have you engaged in genocide or ethnic cleansing, wholesale slaughter of others or any one of the acts which society has decided to place death as the ultimate price?

Having done nothing of this kind then is your death and yes you will have one, is it justified? Can you give me any good sound reason why you should die? Why your life should come to an end and the appointed hour. Remember we are or at least I am leaving any kind of divine intervention out of this. Having trouble justifying your demise, can't find a good reason? Now I mean a good reason not the noble crap "my time has come I have lived a good life and it's time for me to go stuff" I mean a good reason that says to you "yes that's a good reason for me to die" Yes, I believe that reason makes it ok for me to leave my family, my friends, my job, my car, my money and or anything else that might seem worth living for.

I can't for the life of me seem to find any good reason for my death or anyone else for that matter save the Hitler's and the like. Nope, can't see it for you or me, I think we should be able to stick around for as long as we like. Turn it around for a second how many reasons can you give me to stay alive?

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  1. your body just wears out

    if there is no accident..a good reason to die is because you've been used up.

    Like anything. Machines wear out. trees get very old and just die. stuff wears out.

    How's that for a reason?