Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Them Die

I really was taken aback by the outright callous behavior of some in the audience at the Republican debates earlier this week. During the debate on emergency rooms and the fact that many without insurance use them for basic healthcare one of the participants was being asked whether he should turn these folks without insurance away? Replying with somewhat of a surprise in his voice he stated and I paraphrase "you mean let them die"? Someone from the audience shouted "yes". I was shocked to say the least I had no idea that the conservative side had completely gone over to the dark side and now is in favor of letting those who can't afford insurance die. Does this mean that say if you are a conservative and your child works in a place where he or she is not afforded health insurance then if something untoward happens and they become ill we should let them die!

Well, as most of you who read my blog I am a registered nurse and I took an oath much like the physicians do to uphold the sanctity of life and I take that oath seriously. Consequently, we do see a lot of folks in the emergency department who do not really need to be there but we see them none the less. Sometimes, what seems to be a minor problem on the surface turns out to be much more and catches us by surprise. Consequently, we treat everyone and they receive care regardless. Until someone comes up with a better system we will continue to march and treat those who have and those who have not.

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