Friday, April 15, 2011

Park update

Many times a problem or a set of problems comes down to education and or knowing all the facts. Thursday I met with Paul Hruby and Brian Holmes from the Lorain county metro parks. Garbage in the Days dam area is an ongoing problem and apparently has many folks trying to keep it under control for some time with no end in sight. Garbage collection and removal to include taking it to the dump takes time from the rangers and the employees cutting grass and keeping the paths clear.

Friends of the metro parks which is an all volunteer group and or groups has taken more than several attempts to clean up the garbage. However, it seems that folks who live near the park need to understand that being a good neighbor means watching what they leave in their backyard that might end up down in the park. Moreover, several residents have unfortunately found themselves in court because of their failure to be a good neighbor. The park system has a more difficult job due to the fact that the biggest and what I feel is the best park in the system sits between the two largest cities in the county which leaves it at the mercy of the residents that surround it. The picture is of the amount of garbage collected and awaiting removal. Should you want to help and your help would be appreciated follow the link to the friends of the metro parks. Additionally, there is an engine block that needs to be removed and it's not going to be an easy job and maybe one of you has the where with all to get that thing out the park.

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  1. The Lorain county metro parks are to big, I think it's crazy the property owners of Lorain county had to shell out $8,445,422 last year to the Lorain county metro parks. The Lorain county commissioners are putting on this show, to save some money.Well here's a place the Lorain county metro parks.There's so much money to be saved here. How many people in Elyria,Lorain Ohio have a horse tied up in their front yard? Not to many but they have to maintain a Equestrian Arena over at the Carlisle reservation (12882 Diagonal Road LaGrange, OH 44050) for a few residents and non residents who own their own horses.I know some one who was told, they couldn't metal detect in a metro park, with their metal detector but he has to pay for, the Equestrian Arena over at the Carlisle reservation that, he will never use. Look at the Salaries over there $3,154,738 !!!!! Employee Fringe Benefits........................1,070,789 !!!!!!!! code blue red alert. And the picture of all that garbage one man picked all that trash up by him self.
    /2011/03/10/mystery-man-helping-to-keep-metro-parks-clean/ i think for paying over 4 million dollars out, the parks should but real nice in clean. and they they could save some more money by keeping some vehicles off the road, i see thier cars and trucks all over the place. two to a car.
    That crossed my mind