Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can't believe this

Recently, my friend Harris was relating his latest work screw up.  Harris has been at his current position for about four months.  During this period his probation was extended because one of the customers he sees stated he was” less than helpful”.  Consequently, he was able to repair that problem only to have a new problem rear up and bite him in the butt.  Seemingly, Harris was talking with the folks at another office and the conversation centered on parties and drinking and Harris related that he was a vodka drinker.  During another meeting with his boss the issue of his drinking and his liking vodka came up.  REALLY, are you kidding me!  Does this really happen?  Because I have never heard of such a thing, a simple conversation which was I believe started by the folks in the office he was visiting and now it has come back to extend his probation another thirty days.  Harris asked me what he should do and I don’t have a clue on his next move.  So, I am asking YOU on what he should do.  What should Harris do about this problem he has with his job?  Quitting is not an option, shooting someone is not an option either.  So, if you please what should Harris do?

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