Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Recently the buzz has been that the Cleveland Indians are in first place in the American League but in last place in folks showing up at the games. Surprise? I think not. I can't afford to go the games with the cost of tickets, parking and the cost of food….forget about it. However, I think there may be an underlying reason that has dogged the tribe for many, many seasons - October, where are we going to be at the end of the season? Many folks like me think the tribe will be where it always ends up, in the basement and out of the playoffs. So, I believe that folks are just not interested in having there hopes dashed and are just not caring anymore. Maybe that's a good lesson for many teams to learn. We are tired of last place….put up or we don't care anymore. My father feared he would go to his grave and never see the Indians as World Series champs…he did and now I am wondering the same thing!

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