Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For what it’s worth

Something funny occurred to me while thinking about the beginning of World War II and the immigration problem here in the U.S. For those who slept during history let me school you on an aspect of the beginning of World War II in Europe. Nazi's had decided that Jews were bad for the Arian race and didn't belong in Austria and Germany. Some even thought they were in the country illegally. Hence they started labeling the Jews, made them wear patches that looked like the Star of David and they had to carry papers to identify themselves. Consequently, that was not good enough and the Nazi's decided a "final solution "was in order. They rounded the Jews up for deportation to labor and extermination camps.

We are a long way from that kind of thing here in the United States, but that's what a lot of folks said in Europe when men with guns and an agenda starting asking "Can I see you identification? "

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