Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School Zone Speeders

Almost every day I travel by at least two school zones and school is in session. Every day I see drivers speeding through the zone. The speed though a school zone is twenty miles per hour. Every day, I see at least seven out of ten drivers violating the limit.
Few things rile me more than folks that feel the need to speed where children are in and around the streets and sidewalks. Some do not even attempt to slow down; some even have the nerve to speed up. I wonder what defense those who speed would have in front of a judge after causing the death of a child. “I was late for work”, “I was late to pick up my dry cleaning”… really just what excuse can you come up with that would not bring the rath of the court system on their heads.
Luckily there are few incidents where we see children injured. However, one is one too many. I would think that with so much law breaking and the need for money in the city coffers, police presence would be more evident. Couple of mornings and afternoons for a week or two might be a financial windfall and slow some of these folks down.

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