Thursday, May 6, 2010

Better stimulus package

Recently a few friends and I came upon an interesting idea. The government stimulus package is somewhere around nine billion dollars. There are approximately three hundred million people in the United States who roughly make up one hundred fifty million households but most likely even less than that. Let’s say the government gave all those households each one million dollars! Now that is a better stimulus package!
Some stipulations go with that grant of one million dollars. You must pay off all credit card debt and you must pay off your mortgage and or buy a house. Additionally, you must purchase a new car and buy your own health care coverage. After all this, most folks would probably still have at least a half million to continue to stimulate the economy in the smaller sectors of the economy.
Some folks could and would retire which would cure the unemployment problem fairly quickly. With all the vehicles, houses and televisions, furniture and appliances being bought, the private sector would be well on the way out of the red.
No, you can’t go to Vegas and try to parlay the one million into two million. I know some of you had that cross your minds. Gambling is negative stimulus and would be a deal killer with the political management, which would be all over this idea to begin with. The plan is so simple and effective, which could be why Washington hasn’t thought of it. Could there be something wrong with it? Better stimulus at a much lower price. You don’t have to pay it back and is saves billions!


  1. Here's the biggest problem with your idea (actually this one has been circulating for a long time)...

    ...the math doesn't work!

    9 billion divided over 150 million is just $60 each.

  2. dude, check your math and facts, both are way off...

    ARRA was close to 800 billion, and that would come out ot be about 3000 per capita or 6000 per household.

  3. Actually that's not a bad idea. The only problem I see, is the extreme right would call it socialism, because they call anything that fixes problems socialism lately.

  4. Jim, this is an old one that obviously bears a reminder.

    9 billion dollars divided over 150 million households is only $60 per household.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  5. ok, ok already.....this was a converstion between friends and I. Still 150 million spent by the citizens would provide more stimulus than we have now. Again, these are ideas, musings, spitballing, brainstorming.