Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loser kids, loser parents

The events where a bus monitor was taunted to tears underscore how we as a society have let our children down. Leaving the television to guide their actions and raise our children they have learned any kind of behavior no matter how bad is fine and dandy. We are now seeing the results of that inaction on the part of absent or part time parents. These miscreants who taunted that poor bus monitor should be dealt with in a swift and decisive manner. I for one would like to see that they never ride the bus again for the remainder of their time in school and I do mean through high school. I also would favor rescinding any chance to play any kind of school sports or attend any school functions for three years. Moreover, I would hope that the parents would not go without some type of punishment for their part in this tragedy. 100 hours of community service in a bright orange jump suit with "bad parent" stenciled on the back would make a good start. Additionally, I believe a public apology from both the children and the parents in front of the entire student body are in order. We cannot let this go unpunished and chalk it up to youthful exuberance.



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