Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is what we like to call success:

Tommy Hilgiffer at one time manufactured his men's shirts in the U.S. until he found he could cut his labor costs and have the shirts made in India and pay the workers three dollars an hour. Tommy Hill did not pass on the savings to his customers. Alas, he found he could cut cost again by moving his factory to Malaysia and pay his workers just thirty five cents an hour and again he did not pass on the savings. Finally, he moved his work to Vietnam where he could manufacturer his men's shirts for just fifteen cents an hour and no he did not pass on the savings to the country where he got his start. Some of you see absolutely no problem with this and are trying to figure out how you could work this deal for yourselves. Almost everything is made in another country with our blessing and we wonder why we have unemployment is nine percent

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