Monday, January 23, 2012

Let them eat Twinkies

I am afraid that a Republican will be president and I am sure there are many republicans who are salivating to cut entitlements to the poor and those on social security. After all, those folks should get a job or have the good grace to die. We cannot keep paying out all that money for folks who don't or won't produce. The faster we cut off the safety net and the quicker they will succumb to illness and we will be rid of that social security boat anchor. Non productive citizens should be eliminated because they put a drag on everyone's 401 k.

This is the way it must have felt in the late 1930's in Germany and in Russia and China during the 1950's scary, very scary!

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  1. Jim, how does this post further conversation?

    I notice that most of your posts have no comments. Could it be the fact that you come off as closed minded? Those that agree with you need not comment, those that disagree won't waste their time.

    Hopefully you have not bought into the divisiveness of our current campaigner in chief. Splitting the masses into manageable groups, only to turn one group against another with the hopes of getting enough that like it to vote for him while dispiriting the rest so they stay home and not give his opponent a chance. We are all Americans, I do not consider myself at war with you due to my disagreement with your thinking.

    I am conservative, you may also call me a classic liberal, I believe men are born free, with God given rights (life, liberty and pursuit of property (happiness) including the fruits of their labor on this earth.) What they choose to do with their property (money, possessions, etc.) should be of free will. Being a representative Republic, we have given our voice to representatives to run things to preserve our freedoms, we have not given our freedom to a central planner, only to have him bestow it back to us as he sees necessary. I do not oppose taxes, safety nets, security forces (police/fire), I do oppose the taking from the productive by threat of law, to give to non productive. I am not talking about the sick, elderly or otherwise disabled, these people fall under the "safety net" category.

    Perhaps, if you read a little history, you would notice the atrocities in China, Russia and even Germany were brought about by "leftist" regimes. Those that believe in an all powerful government and its wisdom to make life better for the "masses" .

    I don't see this want for an all powerful government coming from the Republican party, (well some maybe, but we are dealing with them), I see it in every speech from Obama and most of what is left of the Democrats.

    Can you tell me how making a rich man poorer will make your life better? Can you tell me how the war on poverty has been going, its been 60+ years, what are the accomplishments? Does being a citizen of this country entitle you to a large flat screen TV, smart phone, high speed internet. These are some of the things that most "poverty stricken" in this country have or want, free of charge, because the "rich have it".

    I talk to many liberals everyday. Do you know what I find? Most people that consider themselves liberal are merely emotionally invested in the philosophy, intellectually, they are conservative. They know that generational welfare is a bad idea, it only breeds contempt for those that have more. The liberals I talk to know that to have a civil society, we need rules and morals that are taught at home, not by government employees that have unknown backgrounds.

    High-minded "liberal" planning makes you feel good for the intention, but most liberals fail to take any responsibility for the failures of their plans. Socialism/Communism is an excellent example of this. It has failed everywhere it was tried; and do you know what the excuse usually is? "The right person has not yet come along to run it properly."