Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain Barrel

I can't speak for everyone but, I believe the water department here in Lorain is raising the rates by the day. I find that our bill for the amount of water we use seems high and considering the steps I have taken to reduce the amount of water we use it seems out of proportion. I am washing the dishes by hand and using the clothes washer on one day only and it still seems the water bill is still too much.
Consequently, this year I have gone one step further and decided I will institute the use of a rain barrel to water our garden and the flowers. Additionally, I have installed a soaker hose in the garden to water the plants on a slow steady basis. Should you also like to cut the amount of water you use continue reading. The rain barrel is nothing more than a large plastic barrel which you can get from factories of manufacturers who throw them away. Make sure you clean them out thoroughly because more than likely what came in the barrel to begin with was not good for you and your plants. Drill a one inch hole near the bottom and you will need a ¾ inch tap and a bulkhead fixture. These can be purchased from a big box hardware store for about sixteen dollars. Install the fixture and the tap and you're in business. I have mine under the downspout from the gutter on my garage as if you set it out in the yard it will take a long time to fill. When it rains the rain from the garage roof fills the barrel up completely. You might want to cover the top with screen to keep dirt and animals out of the barrel. Animals will drown as they have no way out once there inside the barrel so, bear this in mind.
I have been able to water my garden everyday for two weeks on one barrel of water and with no help from the city. Water like the air should be free but, we all know that will never happen.

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