Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My First Clue

Recently, I had an interview with a large Lorain County hospital for an emergency department position. The experience was not what I expected from the start. I had submitted my resume and application online and received a call from human resources that was a little startling to say the least. "So, you want an interview"? Yes, that is what the woman on the other end of the line said and it should have been my first clue that this job was not to be. While I waited the three weeks for the scheduled interview I studied all the interview questions that could be asked. I was ready.
Interview day finally arrived I was ushered into a small room and introduced to the nurse manager and another nurse from the department. Questions were nothing new and are pretty standard. What wasn't standard was the other nurse yawning away while I answered questions guess that should have been my second clue. Finally, I should have realized that I was wasting my time as the nurse manager was not taking any notes. I checked my email when I got home and had already received thanks for submitting your interest but we are going to go with someone else.
Being unemployed mean suffering all kinds of indignities in search of a job. Overwhelmingly most places are very nice when they interview and the above incident is not the rule.

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  1. Why give them anonymity? Tell which hospital did this, so others can be prepared for shabby treatment. That was inexcusable.