Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting old

My uncle was fond of saying that "getting old was not a crime but, it was damned inconvenient" I have to agree that having the years pile on is not a crime however; in this country we often treat those folks that are older as somewhat as less than desirable. Warehousing those folks which are no longer productive has become the norm as well as big business here in these United States. While many other cultures and civilizations have reverence for the elders in their society we on the other hand like the out of sight and out of mind form of elder care. I myself am no different than the many of the folks that subscribe to the youth for youth sake and this is much to my chagrin. I will endeavor to change and I think that change will be in proportion to my age as I get older I will become even more militant as the years ad up, that is if I live to be "old".

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