Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello again

I have not written in a while actually, it's been a while and a half. I thought there would always be something to complain about. Lately, I have seen some things to feel good about. I have taken on a job as an independent contractor for health screening. I find myself meeting all sorts of people in northern Ohio and I have found a great many of them are very nice people and not bothered near as much as I am about the events of the day or at least not bothered enough to complain. I have had to take stock of my attitude and wonder if I am not just an old curmudgeon. Maybe, I am alone out here in the world constantly mad and that the local, state and national government. Maybe, the rest of the country is living there lives and taking what is happening in their towns and states and in Washington n in stride and not worrying about it. I wonder if maybe I am screaming at the choir and should stop complaining and just go on with my day. Although, I do hear that voice that says something about how evil persists as long as good men do nothing. I am not going to go as far as to say I am a good man but, I will say that I think that a there are people in local state and national office who are evil. Maybe, I will keep one eye open.

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  1. Jim, keep an eye open, and don't be shy about complaining as warranted. It's just those few who speak out whose voices can make a difference.