Saturday, April 7, 2012

PSA good news bad news

Meeting with the urologist was good and not so good. The Urologist explained to me that the new PSA value of 2.65 suggested that I did not have prostate cancer because PSA does not rise and then fall in the presence of prostate cancer. Moreover, I was educated that the next time I was having the PSA test I should follow some rules that were before unknown to me. Three days before the test do not have sex, do not eat spicy food and do not engage in exercise such as riding bicycles as to not put pressure on the area.

Now for the not so good news. The good doctor would like to perform several other tests to see if my prostate and or my bladder are the culprits in my problems. Cystoscopies with urodynamics are next on the list. Coming up I will explain how and why these tests are performed.

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  1. Well, you shouldn't of had the spicy food.