Sunday, August 8, 2010

Radical Islam

Radical Islam has now replaced the Nazi's and the Khmer rouge as the current lot of evil unleashed on the world. Each generation has had its scourge that has plagued the world. The Nazi's cast a dark shadow and it wasn't until after World War II ended did we find the extent of their evil. The Communists were next and they were not as evil as the Nazi's, however, they certainly caused many people in the world a lot of suffering. Many smaller groups cause pain and suffering around the globe in regional pockets of Africa and South America. However, the worst of the worst up until now has been the Khmer rouge. They have killed more people over their reign of terror that still lasts today. Courts in Cambodia are still dealing with their legacy.

Now comes the Taliban, a small but ruthless religious band that wants the rest of the world to convert to Islam or die. Does this sound familiar? The idea is not new. It has traveled through the ages. The question is how we deal with them and how we keep them from becoming a worldwide epidemic. From this chair I believe the main responsibility rests with the Afghan people and the people of that region. They must reject the ideals and the people outright and completely, they must take the fight to the Taliban and destroy the movement at the core. Will they do this? Can they do this? Time will tell.

Consequently, if Afghan people fail and fail with our help then this religious war will be what I believe may consume the world. I believe that the fight will pit Christians and Jews against Islam. There are many Islamic folk who are not radically inclined, but the poor and disenfranchised which are many and growing will find, as some do now, the Taliban attractive. Therein lays the rub, having Islamic fundamentalists in every country stirring the fires of hate and calling the rest of Western society the devil. Sound familiar? Remember, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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  1. Sigh...where to start with this diatribe of popular misconception. You have to dig much, much deeper, including an honest understanding of Islam, before leaping to this prediction. The Taliban are horrible people, no doubt about it, however, it is interesting that you began your discussion with the Nazis and forgot to mention Christian efforts of terror-- such as the Inquistion and Crusades.