Sunday, June 6, 2010

No free drinks

I had to shake my head when I heard the Ohio house decided that there would be no free drinks in the casinos. I suspect that they will want to pick out the carpet and decide which way the toilet paper comes off the roll also.
I hope the casinos will counter this by charging, say, a penny a drink. The whole idea of the free drinks is to compensate patrons in a small way while they spend their money. I cannot decide whether it’s outright greed on the legislatures’ parts or are they simply reminding the voters who is really in charge!
Seemingly, the legislators want to mess with what has already been shown to work in every other casino. I would hope they would stick to screwing up the regular things and leave things they know nothing about alone. WRONG! The people have spoken, but the legislature wants to make it known that the people will have fun only at the lawmaker’s pleasure.

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